Charleston, South Carolina
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Good Afternoon,

My name is Christian Heyward and I am a resident of Charleston county in Charleston, South Carolina. I've been fighting IHG's (intercontinental hotel's group) worker's comp. representatives (Gallagher&Bassett) for 15 years and enough is enough! I was injured while working at a historic hotel while it was under the management of IHG in Charleston, SC. I was awarded full medical coverage and I still am fighting monthly for care, medications, simply for acknowledgement and I know others are fighting the same battle. So, i'm going to advocate for myself and for others. I ask that you utilize your platform and influential position to assist me in bringing this injustice to the knowledge of the American people. I was recently discharged (2/26/19) from a local hospital after having my 2nd back surgery. Against the recommendations of healthcare professionals I was sent home.

The physicians rallied for my admittance to in -patient rehabilitation care, to no avail. They then fought for in- home rehabilitation care. I am now home and Gallagher & Bassett's adjuster, Karen Coker, has yet to authorize any rehabilitative care.

My FB profile is under Christian Lavon. I have posted and encouraged all to share the video I recorded and uploaded. My goal is to saturate social media with my story until I am able to make a difference for myself and other Americans dealing with this same injustice.

Help me, help us All.

Christian Heyward


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