company has a new practice of re-routing any 5 star hotel & resort calls to the "soonest" available agent. QC (quality control) counts for nothing.

I work at the 5 star hotel desk. Their newest trick is lowering our bonus with inbound calls that management knows all too well come from sources that are a very high percentage of non revenue calls, in other words the callers on that phone # (almost) never make reservations.

While management is busy sending non revenue calls to their top 5 star agents who should be answering and selling rooms for interconti.com at the $250+ night level your 5 star repeat guest are sent on down the line to a 2,3 or 4 star hotel agent that has little experience to offer!

The worst is bottom level management has an ongoing lie about this! If you won't join the lie, you can't join management! Don't expect an honest answer from the top when I can't get one from the bottom!

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